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As a queer intimacy facilitator, I support people as they invite more pleasure, joy, intimacy and meaningful connection into their lives.

I work exclusively with people who identify as queer or trans, as well as women of any identity.

If you have any kind of problem, worry or concern relating to sex, pleasure or your body, or you have a desire to get to know your erotic self better, then get in touch with me.

Together, we can create an intentional space for the exploration of pleasure and erotic embodiment.

Heal, learn, transform

When choosing to work with a practitioner to explore your embodied and erotic life and relationships, you are welcome to bring all the feelings you might have about that – nerves, hesitation and questions.

I aim to collaborate with you to create a space that works for you, taking into account your unique learning style and how your nervous system works. We start where you are, and respect your strengths, expertise and inner wisdom.

My clients are working on diverse situations and issues, and embracing the fears and resistance that arise in the process. There is the opportunity to learn about the erotic self and your capacity and potential for pleasure, connection and communicating your desires.

The lessons that we learn about you together are unlikely to be confined solely to sex – many clients begin to feel these changes expand and enhance other areas of their lives, too.

Ready to take the first step? I offer a free 30-minute consultation to potential clients via Zoom or phone.

Please get in touch here or email

What kind of situations can I support you with?

I work with you, the whole person, body and mind. I approach you as a unique individual, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

My work combines well with talking therapy, including traditional sex therapy, and can be beneficial alongside other therapies and treatments. My work is also beneficial as a standalone, as I offer a touch-encompassing and somatic approach alongside talking.

My work is also beneficial as a standalone, as I offer a touch-encompassing and somatic approach alongside talking. See the infographic that illustrates the spectrum of ways of working available.

You can come once or for weekly sessions, or something in between.

Who do I work with?

I can work with you if you’re over 18 years of age and:


  • You want to bring more pleasure into your life
  • You want to get better at asking for what you want and consent communication
  • You want to take care of post-surgical scars
  • Your body and pleasure have been affected after childbirth
  • You have not been sexual for several years and want to reconnect
  • You want support discovering your sexuality, desires and relationships through the process of transition, or ‘coming out’
  • You want to explore your relationships – monogamy to polyamory
  • You want to explore your relationship to kink/BDSM

I work to the code of conduct of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers and ethical standards, always in the best interests of the client. For more information, please see my Professional Boundary Statement (PDF download).

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