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I am a queer intimacy facilitator! I love supporting queer people towards more pleasure, joy, intimacy and connection.

I work with queer/trans people, as well as cis het women, who have:

  • Problems, worries, or concerns relating to sex, pleasure, your body, anything erotic


  • A desire/excitement to explore and get to know themselves better, or a practice space for pleasure and erotic embodiment.

It is normal and understandable to have worries or difficulties, AND you and your erotic self are more than these worries. We will explore together the potential that is there.

In either or both cases, working alongside me has great potential to open opportunities for healing, learning and transformation in the erotic areas of your life, and beyond.

What kind of situations can I support you with?

I work with you, the whole person, body and mind, and I approach you as a unique individual, so no two pieces of work are the same.

My work combines well with talking therapy, including traditional sex therapy, and can be beneficial alongside other therapies and treatments. My work is also beneficial as a standalone, as I offer a touch-encompassing and somatic approach alongside talking.

You can come once, or you can come for weekly sessions, or something in between.

I can work with you if you’re over 18 years of age and:

  • You want to bring more pleasure into your life
  • You want to get better at asking for what you want, and consent communication
  • You have scarring post-surgery
  • Your body and pleasure has been affected after childbirth
  • You have not been sexual for several years and want to reconnect
  • You want support discovering your sexuality, desires, and relationships through the process of transition, or ‘coming out’

I work to the code of conduct of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers and ethical standards, always in the best interests of the client. For more information, please see my Professional Boundary Statement (PDF download).

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