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“Beck gives a unique gift of creating a truly safe LGBTQ+ space in which I’m invited to explore aspects of myself, share and connect with others in the community. In this way, I find myself gradually removing the burden of shame about my sexuality and identity. Everything offered in Beck’s workshop is an invitation. I recommend Beck to anyone for whom, like myself, was new to sexological bodywork. I couldn’t imagine myself in better hands. Whether in person or online, Beck’s workshops have an effect of truly connecting the group so that I can truly open up and explore the deepest parts of my boundaries, desires and fantasies. I have found Beck’s workshops invaluable in allowing me to weather these complex times. By connecting with other members of the queer community and offering my vulnerability, I feel more in touch with my self-consent, my boundaries and more resilient to the challenges life throws at me, especially right now. I can finally tune into my body’s wants and ask for them!”
— Trans workshop participant, 2021

“I love working with you, as you are currently the only person I can learn from regarding the queer body, in an embodied way. As a queer, trans psychotherapist, I’m still looking for places in which I can continue my own personal learning. I am always super psyched about your workshops! Finally, a place for me to learn, to just be, to explore and not have to “know” or hold others. Thank you deeply for that. I know I’ve told you all this before, but it never stops moving me. 🙂

I want to thank you again for doing the work you’re doing. For me – a queer, trans and complicated person and therapist, who feels alone in a world which doesn’t acknowledge my unique experiences – your work is validating. You give me space to be, to be seen, to meet others like me, to learn, to expand, to be curious, and to connect. You are a safe space for all of this, and I am so lucky to be able to have this. I hope one day I can give others a similar wonderous gift.”

— Moran, trans and non-binary Body Psychotherapist, he/they, 40, from Israel
“It’s fair to say, the work we did changed my life! I learnt to enjoy my body, discovered how to masturbate (wands ftw), started having sex with other queer folk & I’ve even started getting to kink events! Plus, my level of confidence in my body, in folk finding me attractive, in me being happy with my genitals; it’s hard to put into words. It’s an evolving process but it’s something that you made me realise was possible, when I’d just about given up ever being able to think it was.”
— Gen X, non binary trans, neurodiverse client

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