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Quintimacy: cultivating queer intimacy with ourselves, others and community through trauma-informed and embodied connection.

Hi, I’m Beck. I am a queer intimacy facilitator. I love helping people work and play towards greater intimacy, pleasure, joy and connection through my one to one, relationship and community practice.

I work with queer and trans people and those under the LGBT umbrella, including the questioning and curious. I also work with cis, heterosexual women. I welcome people who have relationships in diverse ways, various styles of consensual monogamy and non-monogamy, and those who are kinky/into BDSM, and also those on the asexual spectrum.

I can work with you online or in person:

  • One to one
  • In a relationship whether that is a pair or different formats of polyamorous relationships. I can also work with you and a friend or erotic peer.
  • I also offer workshops and events, online and in person.
  • I create useful tools, workbooks and videos to support your learning and explorations.

One to One Work

We can work online on Zoom, or in person at my base in Leicestershire.

Our work together can include the following:

  • Talk-based work/coaching
  • Somatic-based (mindbody/bodymind) work where we might do practices and exercises.
  • Touch-based work, which can include Sexological Bodywork (one way touch from practitioner to client, including intimate and erotic touch, for educational and therapeutic purposes).
  • A combination of the above

We would decide together what work is right for you, and tailor it to your needs, in a flexible way.

Workshops and events

I hold workshops and events, both online and in person, such as:

  • Weekend Quintimacy events
  • Quintimate Parts – online workshop series about genitals, the ‘Ass’ edition, Kink, and chest, breasts and nipples.
  • Queer Sex Circles – online sharing and learning circles about sex and pleasure.
  • Consent and communication – online workshops centred on practicing and learning skills for embodied consent and negotiating what you want.
  • Touch yourself on the Internet – non erotic and sensual self touch online events.
  • Body Massage workshops

The aim of Quintimacy events is:

  • Hold a trauma-informed, facilitated space for queer and trans folk to explore and learn about sex, pleasure and bodies from a queer, gender affirming perspective.
  • Hold a space where people create queer intimacy, connection and community.

To find out what is happening at the moment, check out the calendar.

Specialising in:



cis het women




Workshops and events, online and in person

Free tools, workbooks and videos to support your learning and explorations

“Beck gives a unique gift of creating a truly safe LGBTQ+ space… I find myself gradually removing the burden of shame about my sexuality and identity… I feel more in touch with my self-consent, my boundaries and more resilient to the challenges life throws at me, especially right now…”

— Trans workshop participant, 2021

“I am always super psyched about your workshops! Finally, a place for me to learn, to just be, to explore and not have to “know” or hold others. Thank you deeply for that… You give me space to be, to be seen, to meet others like me, to learn, to expand, to be curious, and to connect…”

— Moran, trans and non-binary Body Psychotherapist, he/they, 40, from Israel

“It’s fair to say, the work we did changed my life! I learnt to enjoy my body, discovered how to masturbate… my level of confidence in my body, in folk finding me attractive, in me being happy with my genitals; it’s hard to put into words.”

— Gen X, non binary trans, neurodiverse client

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